Soben International is a leading Asian manufacturer and building solutions provider of high performance Calcium Silicate and Fibre Cement Boards. Its products are currently exported to most countries in South East Asia, Europe, North America and Middle Eastern regions. The Soben International (Asia Pacific) Ltd headquarter is located in Hong Kong and the Soben International Europe office operates in the UK enabling rapid communication with patrons throughout the continents. Three branch offices are also established in Singapore, Korea and Australia for client convenience.

The Soben International portfolio features a wide range of high performance eco-friendly building boards for passive fire constructions and versatile architectural applications. They offer strong technical specifications in compliance with international standards that include AS/NZS, ASTM, BS, EN, and JIS, having been tested and certified by worldwide accredited laboratories. Functionality is a true hallmark of Soben International building board products. They are classified as Euro class A1 non-combustible whereas fibre cement board products are highly severe weather tolerant and CE-marked, meeting stringent criteria of European harmonized standards. Prominence is always given to product research and development to ensure that Soben International continuously maintain and improve its market position. Further information on the boards’ credentials can be found in our
Product Range section.

Soben International originated as the transnational division of the Soben Board Group and was a joint venture facility operating in China. As a result of increased demand from overseas, an international facility emerged to adhere to client needs by providing an efficient and effective support system. Since then Soben International has established itself as an individual brand entity. Today, it manages a worldwide network of clients, certifications for products/solutions and projects to administer the company’s corporate vision.




Soben International is committed to developing strong partnerships with distributors, project co-coordinators and industry professionals worldwide for the provision of excellence in our products and services. 


Nurturing members of the Soben International team is a top priority in our organization. Training, motivation and the welfare of employees on all levels is an essential component in the production of our high quality products and premium service. At Soben International we pride ourselves on the quality of our qualified and experienced engineers and strategic team.

Social Responsibility

Soben International maintains a strong ethos of environmental conservation and the sustainable development of the global society. Care for the environment is integral to all production processes. The product range is manufactured in a closed re-circulated system and a high percentage of the company’s waste is reusable.

All Soben International products are manufactured to standards of Quality Management System Scheme ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System Scheme ISO 14001 and have been accredited the Environmental Green Product labels certified by Hong Kong Green Council, Singapore Green Council and the National Environmental Protection Bureau.

Visit our Sustainability section for more.


Soben International will continuously endeavor to offer excellent Calcium Silicate and Fibre Cement products, maintain outstanding levels of customer service and implement sustained environmental relations strategies for the betterment of the global community.