Soben International® prides itself on the integral low carbon footprint of its product portfolio and the suitability of this feature for Eco Builds. The provision of such green design specifications is at the forefront of Soben International’s business development principles, as we seek to preserve and promote the sustainability of the built environment among our global stakeholders.

The Soben International product range consists of eco-friendly building boards and cladding boards based on sophisticated calcium silicate and fibre cement technologies, which precondition the products with excellent durability and functionality.

The products are primarily formulated from silica sand, cement, and cellulose fibre from wood pulps. They do not contain any artificial composites. The Soben International production process uses these expertly selected, eco-friendly and human-friendly materials to achieve its low carbon footprint outcomes.

Soben International upholds a strong ethos of environmental conservation and support for the sustainable development of a global society. Care for the environment is central to all Soben International production processes. The products are manufactured in a closed re-circulated system that incorporates a range of ecological standards including:

o   Zero pollutants being released into the atmosphere.
o   Water used during the production process is recycled in the system.
o   An advanced particle-filtering control system traps harmful emissions from the air
generated during production.
o   Excess materials from the cutting process are compressed down into fillers, which are subsequently re-integrated into the manufacturing procedures. 

Health and safety, quality assurance and care for the environment are prioritised at all stages of the operational process and are upheld by all members of the Soben International team, as stipulated by the governing policies. To support Soben International’s green endeavours, all members of staff undertake regular training programmes and are committed to their professional development in this area.  By investing in our employees and fostering growth in their skillset, we strive to enhance our sustainable production efforts and generate consistent standards of quality in all outputs.


Product development drives Soben International evolving towards in response to the market changes and needs. The growth of the company is not only based on quality product range, but also advising a broad of range of clients on practical solutions for various building applications that meet the code of practice, design and building regulations.

We collaborate with research institute of universities for new material technology applications that helps us strengthen our production and continuously refine products. Our R&D department so far have been conducting a considerable number of testings on materials, products and system applications particular in fire resisting construction. Many fire tests have been conducted in accredited laboratories in Hong Kong and notified laboratories in Europe.

Necessity of technical appraisals are prepared by world class fire consultants ensuring adequate functionalities of the specialised fire protection solutions are fit-to-purpose. The strong proven fire resistance performance of Soben International product range and fire solutions provide authentic protection of life, property and the environment. After all it delivers peace of mind in fire-safe and confidence for clients and end users.  



Soben International strives to promote excellence in the design, system for solutions and manufacture of fire protection and cladding products through high quality and technical expertise, assured by wide spectrum of testing and third party certification for products and solutions that receives wide recognition of building professionals and building control of governments across the earth.

All Soben International products and systems for solutions are tested and certified by world class independent accredited laboratories.  



You are ensured the compliance of high performance Soben International products and systems for fire protection endorsed by CERTIFIRE of world known Warrington Certification Limited. CERTIFIRE is an independent third party certification scheme for manufacturer that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products. Recognised by regulatory authorities worldwide, it is an internationally respected mark of fire safety and one of the most authoritative in the industry.

Eco-friendly not only is the product, but also the installation of the system that reduces wastages, acquires less energy consumption with powered tools for works and causes pollutants. Our products and systems are standardised, light in weight, ease of working and handling without heavy powered tool assistance. Soben International products are green and low carbon footprint thoroughly from raw materials’ selection, production and product packing inhered to the theme of eco-friendly, ensured to comply the stringent criteria of third party accredited bodies for Green Label certification in Hong Kong and Singapore.    

Our production is operated in compliance with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification & ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification.

Soben International is a member of ASFP, Association for Specialist Fire Protection. It enables our technical team is upskilled with the latest fire engineering knowledge and regulations of passive fire protection. ASFP is UK's leading trade association relating to ‘Built-In’ fire protection, working with Government, regulatory and international standard setting bodies both directly, and via other sector groups to promotes continuous improvement in all aspects of passive fire protection including vast majority of guidance and standards.