FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S is a unique fire and blast resistant panel which is non-combustible tested in accordance with European
Classification A1. It has been extensively tested for a wide range of passive fire and blast resistant systems up to 6 hours fire rating in terms of the latest European and British Standards by world class independent fire testing consultants.

The superior quality of FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S is traceable from raw materials, manufacture, system design and testing, backed by Certifire, a third party certification scheme for passive fire protection products, also an internationally respected mark of fire safety operated by Exova Warringtonfire.

FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S is a composite panel made with two quality galvanised metal sheets mechanically bonded to a fibre reinforced cement core making it exceptionally robust for harsh industrial and public environments. FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S is fire, blast and severe impact resistant. Once installed requires little or almost free of maintenance even in severe situations.

The fibre reinforced cement core is environmental friendly with a low carbon footprint, complying Hong Kong and Singapore green label requirements.

FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S is manufactured to Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001 and Environmental Management
System Certification ISO 14001.



FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S fire resistant systems provide reliable fire and blast protection to peoples and properties. They are used at high-rise commercial buildings, security vaults, manufacturing & warehousing complex, airports, mass transportation infrastructures, offshore oil production
platforms, petrochemical plants and power generation plants.

Applications are:

  • Blast resistant transformer screens

  • Ceilings & plenum ceilings

  • Electrical & mechanical services enclosures

  • Fire and blast resistant walls & hoardings

  • Fire rated impact resistant doors

  • Hydrocarbon fire resistant barriers

  • Hazardous materials vaults

  • Impact resistant barriers & spandrels

  • Loadbearing floors, roofs & access panels

  • Ventilation, smoke outlet & kitchen extract ducts

  • Vertical shaft systems



FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S provides high level of durability and reliability on fire, blast and impact protection. Excellent mechanical properties and moisture tolerant make it suitably serves for wide applications.

Size 1200 x 2400mm
Weight & thickness 21kg/m2 9.5mm
17kg/m2 6.0mm
Composition BS EN 10346 Facing - Z275 galvanised steel sheet, 0.5mm thick
Core - Compressed high density fibre cement
Surface alkalinity pH 9-10
Flexural strength BS EN 12467 103 N/mm2
Bending Modulus BS EN 12467 21883 N/mm2
Impact strength BS EN 1128 85 mm/mm, unaffected
Loadbearing capacity 15 kN/m2 with fire attack
Moisture content By weight 7- 8%
Fire rated systems BS 476: Part 20-24
BS EN 1363-1 & 2
Tested, up to 360 minutes
Fire rated systems Hydrocarbon fire H120 minutes
Non-combustible BS EN ISO 1182 Pass
Heat of combustion BS EN ISO 1716 Pass
Reaction to Fire - Classification EN 13501-1 Euro Class A1/A1FL
Resistant to continuous heating In house 350°C
Blast resistance air blast pressure 300 kN/m2, unaffected
Green labeled building board Hong Kong, Singapore Fibre cement core certified, no heavy metal & no harmful substance
Organic emission ASTM D5116-06 Non-toxic & No formaldehyde, satisfied the emission tests
Recyclable product ISO 14001 CCrushed down for recycle use, Products made under ISO 14001 environmental management system
Acoustic reduction (over range 100-3150 Hz) AS 1276.1 & 1191
ASTM E90 & E413
EN ISO 10140-3 & 717-1
thickness STC/Rw (dB)
32 - 9.5mm
31 - 6.0mm
Note: All physical performance values of products depicted in this technical handbook are averages based on the standard production. The figures may be changed dependent on the test method used.

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See FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S In action

Testing laboratory Police Weapon Testing Centre 2, Beijing Date of testing 10-17 March 10-17, 2011 Test standard GA667-2006 blast resistance test for composite glass wall Test environment Outdoor Temperature 50oC, RH-37 atmospheric pressure 1001 hPa Type of specimen 9.5mm FP®-Steel/FirePro®-S partition Size of specimen 1930 x 865mm x 2 nos