Nowadays comfortable built environment provides people with good accommodations and convenient workplaces, but often brings negative impacts to our natural environment. Energy saving, low carbon emission and reduction in use of natural resources for building construction are advocated for sustaining construction development further. Soben International is committed to providing eco-friendly building products and building solutions for sustainable construction. From raw materials used in manufacturing to site installation methods, all in all align with environmentally friendly, consistency of quality as well as ease of installation adapting to construction needs.       

JD-Panel®, a “Japan Design” Panel, is made by Soben International and Kyolite Japan, a leading pre-finished panel manufacturer specialised in advanced coating technology since 1933 in Japan. JD-Panel® is a non-combustible cellulose fibre reinforced calcium silicate board coated with a film layer of Japanese proprietary high strength modified polyurethane resin that provides a fresh and neat colour tone with crystal appearance. It is non-combustible and water resistant. The calcium silicate base and the resin coating are fungal resistant and chemically inert.

JD-Panel®comes with an innovative decorative finish, a perfect substitute of conventional wall finishes, such as ceramic tile, wall paper and high pressure laminate panel. Dry installation of JD-Panel® at walls in the kitchen or bathroom can be finished easily within a day whereas finishing with ceramic tile may take a week. Moreover, ease of cleansing and reduction of maintenance makes JD-Panel® more cost effective. Grease or mould at the grout joints of ceramic tiles cannot be cleaned unless refurbishment is carried out.

With strict quality control standard and high performance of JD-Panel®, extensive testing has been carried out on the product to prove its serviceability and durability for applications, not only at accommodations, but also public facilities and commercial developments. JD-Panel® has got the seal of Ministry of Land and Transport of Japan applied in Japan over 10 years They has been widely used in renovation of metro stations, shopping malls and commercial towers, instead of aluminum or vitreous enamel panel.

JD-Panel® is a 100% eco-friendly product that does not contain any harmful substances or inorganic fibre and free of formaldehyde. It is manufactured to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and strict criteria as green labeled products governed by both Hong Kong Green Council and Singapore Environmental Council.



JD-Panel® is manufactured to the highest quality with extensive tests to prove its serviceability and durability under severe test conditions. Whether the construction is a new built or retrofitting, JD-Panel® provides a range of aesthetic finish which suits the following applications.

  • Bathrooms & toilets

  • Cleanrooms & laboratories

  • Commercial towers & hotels

  • Hospitals & clinics

  • Kitchens & restaurants

  • Metro stations

  • Shopping malls & department stores

  • Transport terminals






Type of base board BS EN 12467 Autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced calcium silicate matrix
Size of board 900 x 2400 x 6 mm
Nominal weight Ambient 7.0kg/m2 +/-
Apparent density BS EN 12467 1000 kg/m3, +/-10%
Flexural strength BS EN 12467 Less Than 8.0 MPa (lengthwise)
Minimum bending radius Lengthwise 4800mm for 6mm
Moisture movement ambient to saturated 0.05%
Dimensional changes in length due to relative humidity BS EN 318 +0.017% @20°C, RH 30%~85% - 0.017% @20°C, RH 85%~30%
Thermal conductivity EN 12664 0.185 W/mK
Linear thermal expansion BS EN ISO 10515-8 -1.7x1E-6/°C
Durability and strength tests BS EN 12467 & CE Mark Category C sheet, intended for internal applications where are subjected to moisture and heat
Warm water test BS EN 12467 Pass, in water at 60°C for 56 days
Soak-dry test BS EN 12467 Pass, for 50 cycles of test
Water tightness test ASTM C1185-08 No formation of drops of water after a 24-hour test
Reaction of fire EN 13501-1 Euro Class A1
Non-combustibility AS 1530.1 BS 476: Part 4 BS EN ISO 1182 JIS A 1312 pass
Heat of combustion BS EN ISO 1716 Ministry of Land & Transport, Japan pass NM3768 -A1
Fire rated systems RWS fire in tunnel Contact Soben International
Resistance to continuous heating In-house 100°C
Green labeled building board Hong Kong, Singapore Certified, no heavy metal & no harmful substance
Organic emission ASTM D5116-06 Non toxic & No formaldehyde, satisfied the emission tests
Recyclable product ISO 14001 Crushed down for recycle use, Products made under ISO 14001 environmental management system
Acoustic Insulation AS 1276.1 & 1191 ASTM E90 & E413 BS EN ISO 140-3 & 717-1 26 dB / STC 26 - 6mm thick 46 dB / STC 47 - 82mm thick drywall
Note: All physical performance values of products depicted in this technical handbook are averages based on the standard production. The figures may be changed dependent on the test method used.

Coating for JD-PANEL®

Type of coating JIS Proprietary ultraviolet curing modified polyurethane resin
Non-combustibility Ministry of land & Transport, Japan Pass, Certification of Approval No - NM3508
Coating Hardness - pencil scratch test JIS K 5400 & JIS Z 1522 2H
Adhesion - cross hatch tape peeling test JIS K 5400 Pass, no peel-off
JAS 1st dip peel test JAS Special Plywood Standards Pass, in boiled water 4 hours and dried @ 60°C +/- 3°C for 20 hours
High-temperature and humidity Test in-house Pass, exposed to 50°C +/- 3°C & 95% RH 240 hours
Warm water half steeping test in-house Pass, in warm water at 60°C +/- 3°C for 240 hours
Second adhesion test (conducted after warm water test) in-house & JIS Z 1522 Pass, no remarkable deterioration of adhesion
JAS cold-hot repeating test A JAS Special Plywood
Pass, no cracks, blister, wrinkles, grain depression and fading on the surface of sample, no remarkable changing of size
@ 80°C +/- 3°C for 2 hours.
@ -20°C +/- 3°C for 2 hours.
JAS photo colour fading test A JAS Special Plywood
Pass, no cracks, blister, wrinkles, grain depression and fading on the surface
Weather resistance Weatherometer test JIS K 5400 & CIELAB colour difference meter Pass, ΔE =0.62 (S90) irradiated for 240 hours and water spray 18 minutes every 2 hours
Iron ball falling impact test JIS A 1408 Pass, no crack, peel-off, open hold and fracture on the surface
JAS impact resistance test B JAS Special Plywood
Pass, no crack and peel-off on the surface, 50 times of plumb bob repeatedly falling impact
Thinner rubbing test In-house Standard Pass, no softening, remarkable changing of surface and gloss
JAS staining resistance test A JAS Special Plywood
Pass, no colour residue on the surface
Tested with methanol based black marker pen & blue ink
Stain pollution resistance test In-house Pass, pollutant removed by dry towel, damp cloth, neutral detergent, methanol and lacquer thinner
Fungal resistance JIS Z 2801 Pass, escherichia coli NBRC 3972

An innovative finest architectural decorative finish

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