MP®-1000/MultiPro® is an eco-friendly high performance autoclaved calcium silicate board endorsed by third party accreditation bodies for green building product label. It does not contain any harmful substances or inorganic fibres and is free from formaldehyde and toxic emissions. MP®-1000/MultiPro® is versatile for both internal & semi-exposed use which has very high levels of performance in the presence of severe damp environments and has good resistance to fire. The superior non- flammable nature of MP®-1000/MultiPro® conforms to non-combustible when tested in accordance with European Building Classification EN 13501-1: Class A1, BS 476: Part 4, JIS A 1312 and AS/NZS 1530.1. The board has good thermal insulation and resists to continuous operating temperature up to 100°C. A MP®-1000/MultiPro steel framed partition is capable to provide 120 minutes fire resistant period. MP®-1000/MultiPro® is an European CE marked building board and conforms to durability tests BS EN 12467- Category C sheet, which is intended for applications subject to heat and moisture. Unlike most wood based panels, gypsum plasterboards or magnesium silicate boards, MultiPro®/MP®-1000 is durable and immune to insects and vermin, unaffected by dilute chemicals. It is dimensionally stable and will not warp, swell or decay in wet area. Also an ideal economical building board material with good thermal and acoustic properties replaces conventional non-loadbearing masonry block wall constructions.

MP®-1000/MultiPro® is off-white in colour and has a sanded smooth surface on one side and a slightly textured reverse. It is made of fire resistant minerals and calcium silicate matrix reinforced with selected cellulose fibres and special fillers. The
board has undergone a sophisticated process and then cured by an autoclaving process where high pressure and high temperature
steam is induced to ensure its intrinsic fire resistant property and excellent dimensional stability, wherever MP®-1000/MultiPro® is
exposed to fire or humid environments. MP®-1000/MultiPro® contains no water soluble additives and will not rot, degrade or deteriorate. The fibre-reinforced calcium silicate matrix will absorb water causing some loss of strength, which is fully recovered on drying. Any staining on the board caused by leakage can be easily painted over. Moisture will not cause leaching or efflorescence and has no permanent effect on MP®-1000/MultiPro®. It is simple to work with and easy to decorate.

MP®-1000/MultiPro® is manufactured to Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001, Environmental Management System Certification ISO 14001Hong Kong Green Label as well as Singapore Green Label.




MP®-1000/MultiPro® is eco-friendly CE Marked and non-combustible calcium silicate matrix board to EN 13501-1: Class A1. It has superior fire resistance performance and excellent dimensional stability subject to heat or severe moisture environments.

Density BS EN 12467 1000 kg/m3 +/-10%
Nominal weight 6.6kg/m2 - 6mm
9.9kg/m2 - 9mm
12.6kg/m2 - 12mm
Size 1220 x 2440mm
1200 x 2400mm
Surface alkalinity pH 7-10
Flexural strength ISO/TR 1896 7.0 N/mm2 - transverse
10.0 N/mm2 - longitudinal
Sag when suspended at 610mm span ambient <1mm
Durability and strength tests CE Mark
BS EN 12467
Endurance Class: Category B sheet, intended for semi exposed applications where are subjected to heat, moisture and occasional frost
Freeze-thaw BS EN 12467 Pass, 25 test cycles of test
No alteration nor de-lamination after 25 cycles of test at temperature of -20°C ~ 20°C
Heat-rain BS EN 12467 Pass, for 25 cycles of test
Soak-dry BS EN 12467 Pass, for 25 cycles of test
Warm water BS EN 12467 Pass, in water at 60°C for 56 days
Water permeability ASTM C 1185-08
BS EN 12467
No formation of drops of water after a 24-hour of test
Moisture movement ambient to saturated
BS EN 12467
+0.06% @23°C, RH 30%~95%
Dimensional changes in length due to relative humidity BS EN 318 +0.017% @20°C, RH 30%~85%
- 0.017% @20°C, RH 85%~30%
Moisture content Ex works - 15%
In situ - 6%
Water absorption by weight ~ 48%
Thermal conductivity EN 12664 0.185 W/mK
Linear thermal expansion BS EN ISO 10515-8 -1.7x1E-6/°C
Resistance to continuous heating In-house 100°C
Fire rated systems BS 476: Part 22
BS EN 1363-1
up to 120 minutes
Non-combustible AS 1530.1
BS 476: Part 4
BS EN ISO 1182
JIS A 1312

Ministry of Land & Transport, Japan. Approval No. NM-3768
Heat of combustion BS EN ISO 1716 Pass
Reaction to Fire - Classification EN 13501-1 Euro Class A1
Surface spread of flame BS 476: Part 7 Class 1
Fire propagation BS 476: Part 6 Class 0
Ignitability BS 476: Part 5 Class P
Product certification scheme Singapore Class 1 & 2
Green labeled building board Hong Kong, Singapore Certified, no heavy metal & no harmful substance
Organic emission ASTM D5116-06 Non toxic & No formaldehyde, satisfied the emission tests
Recyclable product ISO 14001 Crushed down for recycle use, Products made under ISO 14001 environmental management system & ISO 9001 quality management system
Acoustic reduction (over range 100-3150 Hz) AS 1276.1 & 1191
ASTM E90 & E413
EN ISO 10140-3 & 717-1
BS EN 12467
STC/Rw (dB) steel framed partition
26 - 6mm
28 - 9mm
29 - 12mm
45 - 91mm
48 - 99mm
55 - 123mm
60 - 214mm
All physical performance values of products depicted in this technical handbook are averages based on the standard production. The figures may be changed dependent on the test method used.


MP®-1000/MulitPro® is versatile for both internal & semi-exposed use. The board has very high levels of performance in the presence of moisture and has good resistance to  re. Its dedicated passive  re protection systems are extensively tested and technically assessed by international accredited  re test consulting engineers. The  bre reinforced calcium silicate matrix allows MP®-1000/MulitPro® with good  exural strength and resistance to impact. It is easy to curve and cut. Typical applications include:

  • Aesthetic curved ceiling and moisture resistance ceiling

  • Backing wall for ceramic tiling in wet area

  • Casings for building services

  • Fire rated doors

  • Fire rated backing board for metal claddings

  • Fire rated industrial wall linings

  • Fire rated partitions and hoardings

  • Fire resistant spandrel and smoke barriers

  • Linings for heating wall/panel

  • Perforated  nishes for acoustic space

  • Semi-exposed eaves and roof sarking boards

  • Sound insulated constructions

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