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Natural colour hue from inside to out is consistent within ZenPlus compressed through coloured fibre cement cladding board inspiring a sense of peace and natural touch. The natural subtle fibre cement matrix variations remain visible. ZenPlus comes with Raw or Lines stylish finish and treated with a transparent hydrophobic coating which prevents dirt and dust retained on the façade and helps minimize maintenance.

ZenPlus is available in an exclusive range of inspiring 8 colour palettes. The natural through coloured fibre cement matrix contains tiny white and grey minerals of which may be visible on the surface of the cladding board. These substances are integral parts of fibre cement material. Because its natural composition, variation in appearance may occur in individual boards and from board to board. In order to minimize differences in the end result, the boards intended for the same façade are taken from the same batch as minor variations may occur from one production to another.

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Remark: Reproduction of colours among monitors or devices is variant. The colours that appear on your screen may not be accurate.