Building with Soben non-combustible materials means building with confidence 

The proverb “prevention is better than cure” has been ringing more loudly than ever in the built environment, with construction professionals at all project stages intensely adhering to the best practice of prioritising fire protection at the preliminary planning and sourcing phases. Non-combustibility has become one of the key deciders in the procurement chain with leading construction firms expressing demand for non-combustible materials that meet global certifications, bolster sustainability and maximises performance.

Soben International is a leading manufacturer of non-combustible product ranges such as WeatherPro external wall and ZenPlus cladding and has been investing significantly in the concentrated testing and development of high performance non-combustible building boards designed to supporting international fire rating functions and versatile architectural applications. 

The company which supplies its non-combustible product ranges to over 15 countries across the world, has designed its manufacturing process to ensure products are made in compliance with international standards that include AS, ASTM, BS, EN, KS and JIS, having been tested by worldwide accredited laboratories. Soben high performance building boards were classified as Euroclass A1 while Soben fibre cement board products are CE-marked, meeting stringent durability criteria. In addition, some products are subject to BBA and Certifire certifications.

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