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We are market leaders in manufacturing innovative fire-resistant building boards and high performance eco-friendly building boards. The Soben International network has  contributed to a wide range of commercial and residential products across China and South East Asia, UK, EMEA states and the Americas.


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A new benchmark for eco-friendly autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced silicate matrix boards.

Few versatile performance building boards offer both architectural envelope and strong technical specification as credible as the Soben International premium product range of eco-friendly autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced silicate matrix boards. The line includes: fire protection calcium silicate boards, weather resistant fibre-cement boards and prefabricated panels. Since its establishment, Soben International has been a pre-eminent developer and manufacturer of high quality eco-friendly silicate matrix board solutions and has set a new benchmark for comparable products made in Asia.

With extensive product research and testing, our areas of expertise are sophisticated building solutions that tackle fire protection, multi-purpose constructions, façades and claddings where aesthetic finish and quality are of paramount importance

Soben International’s compliant product ranges have been used to pre-empt and even exceed strict building regulations. All of our product ranges undergo intense testing and accreditation processes, offering our global clients the promise of quality control and assurance.

The core components of Soben International products focus on sustainability and longevity, fire-safety innovation, and surpassing non-combustible requirements. As a result Soben boards are becoming prevalent features in skyline regeneration and advanced corporate facilities.

Our product portfolio includes best-selling Soben brands WeatherPro®-L and FP®-900/FirePro® .


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